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The Working Group “Science Studies and Higher Education Research” in the DGS*-Section “Science and Technology Research”

Higher education research and science studies have been operating surprisingly independently of each other for a long time, although their subject areas overlap to a large extent. The working group in the DGS-Section “Science and Technology Research” deals with those topics that are prominent from a sociological point of view when the intersection of the two research fields is focused. While there are already institutional efforts to link interdisciplinary science studies and higher education research more closely, a sociological working group can be a platform for more research-oriented contributions to this project.

A research-related assessment of the current challenges of science and higher education studies has been published in cooperation with almost 20 authors in Soziologie 47(2) [German].

The working group is an open context, separate from individuals, from which initiatives for equal, research-related exchange between science and higher education studies can emerge on a decentralized basis.

The initiators of the working group are Martina Franzen (WZB), Julian Hamann (HU Berlin), David Kaldewey (University Bonn / FIW) and Anne K. Krüger (BBAW).

Julian Hamann is currently the spokesperson of the working group.



* German Sociological Association